Reading chats

Well.. sometimes.. it’s needed to know what are writing others about you. Why?.. hum.. well, it’s a good question, and I have a great answer.. ok, no.. but yesterday I needed… so….

The most easy way is performing a DNS poisoning, using Ettercap. Open the the ettercap.dns, and modify the different domains you want to catch using the attack, for example.., *, *,,, etc…

So, after that you have two options; sniff the traffic using wireshark.. but you need to know that you will need to attack the SSL certificates in order to read the chats, or… open SET, and select the web vectors, clon the targets and point them to your computer, for example, clone

Now, using Ettercap select the targets you want to attack, select in the plug-ins “DNS poison”, and start sniffing. When the user requests a website that you included in the .dns file, he/she will be redirected to your computer and pwned!… you can catch the passwords, the chats, the requests, and it will be “transparent” because actually the DNS is answering with your IP to the victim.

Don’t judge me…

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